Who Is Your Valentine

You may think that valentines are only for lovers and couples, but you would definitely be wrong. You can send a valentine to anyone special to you, or anyone you would like to be special in any way.

This important distinction about Valentine’s Day is currently taught to children around the country in public and private schools. Children purchase or create valentines for each member of their class, as well as their teacher. Everyone is a valentine in an elementary classroom. This is an important lesson for children to learn, because by making everyone a valentine, no one is left out, everyone feels special, and the children learn to love one another as we are told to do.

Valentine’s Day is also a day for adults to show their affection for special people in their life, including and other than their spouses. Fathers send flowers, candy, and a valentine to their daughters. Mothers may send a valentine to their sons. Siblings may send flowers, candy, and/or a valentine to each other. Children may send a valentine or make a valentine for their parents or grandparents. Valentines are a wonderful way to make anyone in your life feel special and remembered.

Friends also often send valentines to one another. A simple valentine to your best friend lets him or her know how much you mean to them. By sending a valentine to the special people in our lives, besides our spouses, it lets them know that we have not forgotten them in the midst of our love for our significant other. Many friends feel left out when a friend or loved one becomes involved in a new and engaging relationship. By sending them a valentine, it shows that they are not forgotten, but loved and remembered.

Sending a valentine to someone who does not have other family or loved ones to receive valentine’s from is also a great endeavor. Getting a valentine when you least expect one is sure to lift anyone’s spirits on what can otherwise become a very lonely, sad day. A valentine from the heart of someone who cares about you is the best way to keep anyone from feeling lonely.

One thing that has become very popular in these times is sending a valentine to a soldier off at war in Iraq or Iran. These soldiers are far from home and very lonely, and some of them do not have anyone to write to. Pen pal organizations have been formed to write to these soldiers, and make sure that they know that what they are doing is appreciated, and that someone really does care. Why not take the programs a little bit further and send a valentine to a soldier in the middle east? I’m sure it will be very much appreciated. Do an internet search for Middle East soldiers pen pals to learn how to get involved in the program, and send a soldier a valentine this year. Make a difference this Valentine’s Day.

The truth of the matter is, regardless of traditions, anyone can be your valentine. So who is your valentine this year?