Signs You Shouldn’t Sell Your Car On eBay

If you have a car to sell, you may hear that you should turn to Ebay is a popular online auction website. Millions of internet users use the website to buy and sell goods, including cars. For most individuals, eBay is a great way to sell a car. For others, it is not.

If you are unsure if you should use eBay to sell your vehicle, continue reading on for a list of five signs you should not. These signs do not necessarily mean you should avoid They mean you should consider the pros and cons first. So, when is eBay not a good way to sell a car?

1 – If You Have Bad eBay Feedback

In the past year, eBay changed their feedback ratings. Now, not everyone is rated. Still, old ratings show up. If you regularly agreed to buy items and did not pay, you may have received negative ratings. If you sold items but misrepresented or waited to long to ship the merchandise, you may have poor eBay feedback.

When buying a product online, especially an expensive car, all interested buyers will look closely at your eBay feedback. If they see you are known for lying or misrepresenting yourself, they may run and fast. People want to do business with someone they trust, not someone who has a bad history of using the website.

If you have a poor eBay feedback rating, try selling your car once or twice. If it does not work, focus on your local options.

2 – If You Live in a Very Small Town

It isn’t a bad thing if you live in a small town, as all small towns are different. Your town may have a population of just 5,000 people but ten minutes away, there can be a large city. What you want to consider is the distance to the nearest populated area. If your average car buyer must travel two or three hours to buy your car, you may have few takers. With that said, some buyers are willing to travel far or pay to have the car shipped if it is a good deal, if the car is rare, or something they really want to have.

If you live in a small town, you can try selling your car on eBay first. The first four times, you are only charged when the car sells. As of January 2009, this was a flat $125 fee. On the fifth time, you are now charged an insertion fee too.

3 – If You Want to Get the Most Money

Ebay is nice in that you can set your own price. That doesn’t however mean that people will buy your car. With that said, if they do, you still get less money. As previously stated, as of January 2009, eBay charged a $125 fee for the successful sale of a car, truck, van, and other similar vehicles. This is expensive. On average, it costs less than $10 to put an advertisement in a local newspaper and for sale signs that go in car windows are cheap at the dollar store.

4 – If You Aren’t a Savvy Internet User

Luckily, makes it easy for people to buy and sell. After creating a free eBay account, you follow their step-by-step guide to create a listing. You must know how to take digital photographs and upload them to your computer. You must familiarize yourself with common eBay scams. For example, scammers will send you an email that looks like it is from eBay, but it is a fake duplicate website. You click on the link and log into the account and you gave away your personal information. For those unfamiliar with the internet, selling a car on eBay can be too risky.

5 – If You Must Pay Someone to Help You

When people want to sell products on eBay, but don’t know how, they turn to a consignment shop. These are experienced internet and eBay users. They list an eBay auction under their name. They help you sell the item, but take a percentage of the sale. With a large item, such as a car or truck, the commission is high. Your helper may get $2,000 or more! That is too much money out of your own pocket.