refreshing glass of H2O

Who’s up for a nice refreshing glass of H2O? That’s right; toss those lattes, soft drinks and syrupy beverages out the window and gulp down the good stuff. Why, you may ask? It’s simple! Water is our life source. It’s the fluid our bodies need to function and stay alive. Our cells are filled with it. So, I guess the big question remains. How much water do you consume in an average day? You should be chugging 6-8 cups. Coffee, soft drinks and beer don’t count. In fact, they actually require you to consume more. The salt, sugar and caffeine steal the water from your muscles and billions of cells. You need to stay hydrated at all times. Maybe a 5 gallon water bottle would be of some help. Got one in your home or business?

My daughter always loves the dentist’s office. It’s funny to hear that, I know. No children typically enjoy visiting the dentist. However, my little girl finds it interesting and fun. Not only does she always receive a small toy, but she loves the 5 gallon water bottle in the waiting area. It’s bizarre how something so simple can entertain a child. I’m just glad she drinks so much water. It’s great for her growing body and mind. This goes the same for every living human being. We all need a certain amount of water each day. Millions of Americans walk around dehydrated. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. They live on sugary soft drinks and coffee. These are both terrible for your health. Not to mention the nasty effect they have on your pearly whites. These drinks pull water off of your body, as opposed to restoring water to muscle tissue. Of course this has an effect on your overall health. So pull those soft drinks out of your refrigerator and replace them with a 5 gallon water bottle. These are quite convenient. You can simply flip a lever and enjoy some H2O.

If you have children, installing a 5 gallon water bottle in your kitchen is a wonderful idea. Don’t give them the option of soft drinks. Make it a special occasion thing; like once a week or so. I do this with my daughter and she drinks water and milk all the time. It doesn’t bother here one bit, because it’s what she’s used to. Get on the H2O kick and live well!