Reasons to Take a SAT Subject Test

If you see college in your future, you likely see the SAT Subject Tests too. The SAT Reasoning Test is often confused with the SAT Subject Tests. Although these tests do sound similar, they are very different.

The SAT Subject tests are different tests that test your knowledge on a particular subject. Unlike the SAT Reasoning Test, which focuses on a number of aspects of English and Math, SAT Subject Tests are on one subject and one subject alone.

Although many colleges and universities do not require applicants to submit SAT Subject Test scores, there are a number of benefits. So, why should you take the SAT Subject Tests, continue reading on to find out!

1 – You Choose the Tests

This is what is great about these tests; formally know as the SAT II. You get to decide what tests to take. You can take one, three, or more. The tests currently available fall into five main categories. They are English, languages, history, mathematics, and science. With the exception of English, which just has a test for literature, you have many choices. For example, for history you can take the U.S. or world history tests or both!

When choosing a SAT Subject Test, there are a number of factors you should take into consideration. One is your intended college major. If you want to major in history, the SAT Subject Tests for U.S. and world history can give you an edge. On the other hand, the SAT Subject Tests for biology, chemistry, and physics may just be a waste of time.

Finally, consider your school year. You should take the SAT Subject Tests immediately following a course or soon after. For example, most students learn chemistry or physics in their junior year of high school. Schedule your test towards the end of your junior year. The information is still fresh in your mind, meaning you will get a better score.

2 – What You Are Tested On

As previously stated, the SAT Subject Tests test you on one subject only. You know that subject when you signup for the test. Since you choose, it should be a school subject that you are familiar with or passionate about. This automatically improves your score.

3 – Colleges Use Them

As previously stated, not all colleges require SAT Subject Tests. Although they are not required, schools will accept and review them. What are these test scores used for? Some schools will consider them when determining enrollment eligibility. If you are accepted as a student, college administrators may use your SAT Subject Test scores to determine course enrollment. If you received a high score in the English literature test, you may be able to bypass English 101 and so forth.

4 – They Can Help You Plan Your Future

If you are a junior or senior in high school, you may still be unsure what you want to do with your life. You know you want to go to college, but what do you want to major in? What type of career would you like to have after graduation? If you are unsure, you can use your SAT Subject Test scores to get a feel for your options. For example, if it is a tossup between majoring in history and mathematics, take the SAT Subject Tests for both. If you barely passed the math test, it may be best to focus on history, and so forth.

5 – They Are Easier to Study For

Since you are tested on one subject and one subject alone, it is easier to prepare and study for the SAT Subject Tests. Whether you take a practice test, review your school notes, make flashcards, use the help of a tutor, or do extra credit projects for school, you are preparing for the test. Since you know what you need to study, you can cover more ground and absorb more information.