Caring for Your Marshall Ferrets

Caring for your Marshall ferrets is extremely important since it will ensure that you will have a very rewarding experience with your pet ferret. There are many aspects to consider when you are taking care of your Marshall ferrets.

Ferret Health and Maintenance
Ferret health needs to be checked regularly. They tend to swallow things and that they are not able to filter what they get their paws on. This danger will require you lots of vaccinations and treatment options. You may even have to consider having the number of the veterinarian on speed dial in case there will be emergencies.

Ferret Diet
Ferrets are carnivores and they like a healthy dose of rodents and other tiny mammals that they can eat. But you also have to watch out for what the ferrets eat because if it were a dirty mouse, they might get infected with a lot of viruses. Processed ferret food is also an option but it is expensive and may contain less of the required nutrients.

Training your wild Marshall ferrets can be very challenging, and you might need the help of an expert in training ferrets to ensure the best results. But if you have enough passion and drive to train your pet ferret, you can do so. You can start by having a specific time and place to train your Marshall ferret. You might also need to outline specific tasks that you want your ferret to do or things that you expect them to be able to perform after you train them.

Teething can be a very challenging for your Marshall ferrets. But you need not be scared when this occurs. The thing with teething is that your pet ferret will constantly need to grind and move its teeth as its molars and other types of teeth come out.

Taking them On Field Trips
The thing with Marshall ferrets is that they really need a lot of variety especially with their surroundings. They always like to be excited and they need to be taken on frequent or regular field trips. As a pet owner, you can get creative and not have to go past your backyard by having the right props to mix and match for your pet ferret. But in case things get stale, they like open spaces and then some holes with which they can move their way in. You may even play fetch with your pet ferret and put certain colorful objects underneath the holes for them to pick.

Letting Them Socialize with Other Ferrets
Socializing is also an important facet of caring for your Marshall ferrets. They will get very lonely if they are left to fend for themselves. You only need to monitor their activities with other ferrets to avoid injuries. There may be some injuries but they are minor and part of the whole socialization thing they have to undergo as ferrets.

Ferret Proof Your House
Your house must also be friendly to Marshall ferrets. You must not leave objects that are hazardous lying around. Also, avoid enticing them with food that can be detrimental to their health like chocolates that can cause stomach aches.

Be very careful with holes that lead to electrical wiring or pipes as the ferrets may get too adventurous and head off to that area and endanger themselves. Make sure that the areas where they are not supposed to roam free are closed shut.