Why Virtual is Better

We all enjoy sending and receiving greeting cards from friends, family and loved ones. But sometimes our lives are so busy that we don’t think about little things like greeting cards and remembering to buy stamps. Sending a greeting card requires going to the post office, and buying the card from a store, then getting stamps and mailing it off. These things may seem simple, but many people don’t send greeting cards as often as they would like for these simple reasons.

That is where virtual greeting cards come in. Virtual greeting cards are easy to find, easy to send, and cost next to nothing, or sometimes are even free. Whenever you think about sending someone a greeting card, you simply go online, create a virtual greeting card, and send it off via email.

There are many different types of virtual greeting cards. Some virtual greeting cards are free to create and send. These are the best type of virtual greeting card, because it only takes minutes to create and email off, there is no travel required, and best of all it doesn’t cost you anything!

Other virtual greeting cards cost a minimal amount, such as ten or twenty-five cents each, or you can purchase memberships to virtual greeting card sites for a few dollars a month. The price is so low it might as well be free, and it is certainly cheaper than a stamp! Signup is usually quick and painless as well as secure, and within minutes you’re ready to send virtual greeting cards to everyone on your list! A few minutes of personalization, and you’re ready to go!

Virtual greeting cards are great not only because of the minimal cost, but because they are more personalized than a greeting card you buy in the stores. Virtual greeting cards can be personalized with a special message, names, music, graphics, animations, and many other features that lets your special someone know that you know what they like. Personalize a virtual valentine’s card with a poem you wrote yourself, and accent it with „your song.“

Virtual greeting cards are also great for birthdays and anniversaries, because you can choose the subject matter, the message, and customize the virtual card to show the age or number of the birthday or anniversary. Virtual greeting cards are also good for Christmas card lists, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving.

One of the best features of a virtual greeting card is that they can often be saved to your computer or on disk. This way, even if something were to happen such as a fire, tornado, or other disaster, the cherished memory of celebration and caring is still there in your virtual greeting card. Nothing can take away that precious and personalized virtual greeting card because it’s not on paper that can be easily lost or destroyed.

With the ability to personalize, the flexibility of time and effort, and the low cost, there is no doubt that virtual greeting cards are much better than paper.