Why People Love a Doctor with a Family Practice

Health care is the largest rising industry in the nation. With all of the specialists and various types of doctors, one still remains untouched and that is the General Practitioner who has a Family Practice. Why? People like to go to the doctor and see the same one on each visit. They have developed a relationship with the doctor rather than just another patient where the doctor refers from a stack of records or a chart. We want our family practice physician to ask us how are kids are doing and recall off of the top of his head why we were there last.

The demand is evident for family practices and not just in rural areas; there is a high demand even in larger cities, maybe even more so. People like family practices because they are concerned with more than just your health. They try to provide care for your entire well being as a person.

Doctors who work from family practices can offer many various types of care. They specialize in everything; they can treat you for a common cold, anxiety, or high blood pressure. They can treat babies, adults and the elderly. They are there each and every time that you visit the doctor. They are so predictable that you will even notice right away if he has a new nurse or receptionist working for him.

The difference between doctors who run family practices and doctors who are part of a large practice or work from a hospital is that the family doctor may find out that you have cancer but he will give you a hug, hold your hand and tell you that everything will work out, even if it is likely that it will not. Other doctors state the facts so robotically and are on their way.

A family doctor will send flowers to the funeral home when you have lost a loved one and some may even send you a Christmas card as well. They will remember when you come to see them that you are still having difficulties coping with the loss of your dog last year. They are real people and even with today’s technology they can still bring back a Marcus Welby M.D. touch. They are not second class doctors nor are they last chance doctors that couldn’t get into a different form of practice, they are great doctors who simply want to help people on a personal level but if something happens to come up and they believe that you need more help, they will refer you to a specialist, but you can bet that it would be one that they would take their family to.

Family practices do generally require a longer waiting period than doctors with a larger practice but one good thing is that you can start a book while you are waiting and be assured that on your next visit you will be able to pick that very same book up and continue reading where you left off.