When to Send Thank You Cards

Thank you cards have become a thing of the past for many people. With busy lives and so much to do, sending a simple thank you note has nearly become obsolete. Yet some would argue that this lost nicety should be reinstated with our young people. But when do you send a thank you card?

Thank you cards are, obviously, sent as a thank you. Thank you cards are still often sent for wedding and baby shower gifts. Someone records the gift and who it was from on a piece of paper, and then the bride or mother-to-be sends thank you cards to everyone for the gift received from that person.

However, there are many other times that a thank you card should be sent. Anytime a gift is received, a thank you card should be sent to the person who gave the gift. Whether it be an actual item, a check in the mail, or a gift card, a thank you is in order. These thank you cards should be sent at Christmas, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and anniversaries.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who does something nice for you. For example, if a young man mows your lawn for free to help you out, that man deserves a thank you card. If someone helps you through a difficult class by tutoring or simply answering some questions, a thank you card should be sent. If someone sends you flowers because you are ill, or sends a greeting card, that person should receive a thank you or other greeting card in return.

Thank you cards should also be sent to anyone who supports you in your endeavors. If someone gives you a good reference that leads to a job, send them a thank you card to let them know that you appreciate their effort. If someone helps you out when you are financially in trouble, send them a thank you card rather than just an idle promise to repay the money. This will let them know that you truly appreciate their help, and sincerely wish to pay them back.

Send a thank you card to a favorite teacher that helped you get your diploma, or to a friend that supported you through your divorce. Send a thank you card to that special someone who sat by your hospital bed when you were ill, or supported you through recovery from a surgery. Sending a thank you card in exchange for these and other kindnesses will show those around you that you truly appreciate them for all that they do, and will make them feel better about doing the same for you and others in the future.

Thank you cards are simply a nicety that everyone should endeavor to uphold. It is an act of kindness, gratefulness, caring, and just a part of good manners. Everyone should try to send thank you cards to their loved ones whenever necessary, to let them know that you appreciate them and what they have done for you. So, who did you forget to say „thank you“ to? Send them a thank you card today!