Types Of Remote Control Helicopter

If you are thinking of what particular remote control helicopter to buy, then this article should help.

Here are the different types of remote control helicopter:

Gas remote control helicopter – If you are thinking of flying a helicopter that somehow close to flying a real helicopter, then the gas remote control helicopter is for you. Made with an engine and powered by gas, this helicopter is the most advanced remote control helicopter to buy. Gas remote control helicopter does not come cheap with engine and more complicated moving parts. Gas remote control helicopter is for advanced rc pilot.

Electric remote control helicopter – Early electric remote control helicopters released are expensive but later models are more affordable. This makes electric remote control helicopters more popular than any type of remote control helicopters in the market. It is easy to fly. It creates no noise and smell not like the gas remote control helicopter. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. The electric remote control helicopter is suitable for beginners.

Mini remote control helicopter – Also powered by battery, this type of remote control helicopter is similar to the electric rc helicopter. In fact, it is hard to define if the electric remote control helicopter falls on the category of a mini. But to be safe about it, you can say that it is mini if you can fly it on your living room without imposing danger on your furniture.

Mini remote control helicopter is fun to fly although controlling it on air might be a little complicated at first. But once you get the hang of it, maneuvers and landings are easy. It is also far more affordable than the two mentioned types of remote control helicopter.

Micro remote control helicopter – If you have seen micro rc car, micro rc boat, and micro rc plane, then you should not be surprised if you see micro remote control helicopter. This tiny piece of aircraft can stretch up to 8 inches. But, you cannot consider it a toy. It has standard features similar to that of a standard remote control helicopter. It is so tiny that makes it look so delicate but in face, materials used such as titanium and carbon is strong.

Toy remote control helicopter – If you want an affordable remote control helicopter, then this one is for you. Only remember that to fly this type of remote control helicopter requires a lot of practice.