Top Things That Cause Your Insomnia

Millions of people out there suffer from insomnia almost every night. Many are trying to cure it with drugs. Why should you use drugs if you can find the causes and manage to overcome them?

Yes, there are some simple solutions that you can try. You only need to find the cause, and, zap! You can cure your insomnia almost effortlessly.

Here are some top causes:

• Your bed room

Is it messy? Is it too crowded? Did you choose a calm color of wallpaper or paint?

Yes, all should be put into considerations.

Sleeping is a process to relax your body. And, you can never get relaxed if you’re not comfortable with the condition of your bedroom.

• Your bed

Make sure that both the bed and pillow are comfortable and clean. Remember, it will be hard for you to shut your eyes if you’re not comfortable.

Also, avoid doing other activities than sleeping in your bed. If you’ve been watching TV while lying in your bed, you’d better stop it. That might be the cause of your insomnia. It’s better to move the TV out of your bedroom.

Bed should only associates to sleep, not to other activities.

• Clocks

How come a clock can cause insomnia? You might ask.

Let’s see it this way. You’re having an exam or job interview tomorrow and of course, you wouldn’t want to be late for that.

So, before sleeping you go checking you clock placed on the table next to your bed, once. Then, you check it out again. That makes it twice. And again, and again. Not only it takes too much of your sleeping time, but it also adds to your nerves.

Stress will avoid you from sleeping. So, put your clock somewhere else.

• Too many thoughts

If your mind goes to several directions such as jobs, family, health, etc, you’ll never be able to get yourself relaxed.

Try to avoid thinking too much when you already get in your bed. To help, you can count sheep.
Yes, that might sound silly but it helps you get your mind into one single direction. Soon, you’ll be sleepy and close your eyes.

Just try and prove it.

• Alcohol

The alcohol works as a stimulant and regardless of how tight you close your eyes or how deeply you long for sleep, it doesn’t happen.

The way to avoid alcohol induced insomnia is to either not drink in the evening or choose a drink that works to relax you instead of stimulate you.

If those are the things that cause your insomnia, follow all the tips to get a good night sleep. I believe, soon, you’ll be sleeping like a baby.

Have a nice sleep!