Tips to Scoring High in Competitions

If you have ever attended a gymnastics competition you know that there is more than just a flawless routine involved in receiving a good score. Between appropriate dress and looking the role of a winner, you can help give the judges a good impression of you by following some simple steps and practicing your routine until you have it perfected.

Aside from the obvious idea of practicing you should always make sure you get plenty of rest before competitions. While you are going to be nervous, excited and probably have trouble sleeping it is important that you take the time you need to rest. Get at least a minimum of eight hours of sleep before a competition to ensure that you are well rested. Slacking on sleep means you will not have as much energy to devote to your routine and can look quite run down. This is never appealing to judges no matter how well you perform your routine.

You should always ensure that you smile. Not smiling can make you look sad, grumpy, or even tired. Not exactly the star traits that the judges are looking for. No matter how bad your day is going, put a smile on during your routine and try to make sure it does not look forced or faked. A small natural smile will go so far in winning over the judges and help cast your entire routine in a positive light.

Stretch and stand up straight. Never, ever walk out onto a mat while you are slouching. This is a huge faux pas and gives the judges an awful first impression. Impression is everything and you want to portray perfection just in simple tasks such as walking. So stand up straight and lift that chin. Never show that you are scared or afraid, try to keep your emotions bottled up, which will help you appear much calmer as well.

Look confident the entire time you are in front of the judges. This includes before and during your routine. You can look confident by always standing straight, keeping your legs straight, and keeping your chin up. Dropping your chin or bending your legs can make you look weak and unsure of yourself. You want to portray to the judges that you are the best they have ever seen. Keep your routine flowing and always recover quickly if you make a mistake. Make sure your movements are sharp and crisp and avoid slow and sloppy movements.

Make sure you stretch thoroughly before doing your routing in front of the judges. Never wait until the last moment to warm up either, you should start warming up a minimum of 30 minutes before your turn in front of the judges. This will allow you plenty of time to warm up your muscles slowly. Rushing through a warm up to hurry and perform can leave you injured and upset. If you rush through your warm up it can also have the negative effect of shaking your nerves. When in a competition you must remain calm, this means a slow warm up, taking your time getting ready and avoiding all stress as much as possible. A slow warm up is relaxing while a rushed warm up will leave you stressed.

Your last step should be always tuning out your competition as much as possible. Someone will always be better than you, and you will always be better than someone else. This is the facts of competition, accept it, and instead of focusing on the competition focus on doing your best.