Should You Move for Your Child’s Gymnastics Career

Many parents of children who are quite gifted athletically find themselves faced with this exact question. Deciding how exactly to handle it becomes a case of how to handle things yourself and what your life looks like. In addition to considerations pertaining to your individual choices and lifestyle it is very important to look at your child’s wants and abilities and try to strike a positive balance amongst everything.

With rush judgments and snap decisions made you can make a costly mistake which is not always simple to correct. However, there are other times when it really is in the best interest of your gymnast to move. While ultimately the decision is up to you and your family, there are some recommendations that you can follow in order to help make the best decision for your family.

Never move before your child is 12. This should be the most steadfast rule that you stick to. A child that is very young is likely to change their mind several times about what they want to be when they grow up, much less next week. This means that moving before your child is really sure they want to pursue gymnastics as a potential career can be all for waste if they change their mind later. If however your child is older and has been interested in gymnastics for a long time and shows no signs of giving it up, then moving may be something to look into.

You should also consider your child’s level in addition to their age. If the gym where your child currently goes is capable of still teaching your child then you may want to hold off on moving. Most parents who end up moving for gymnastics do so because there are no qualified coaches or gyms in their area. Even if you need to find a new gym in your area, simply changing gyms is much easier on your child than moving across the country and leaving their friends and school behind.

Talk to your child about their own personal dreams and goals. If they are simply doing gymnastics as a hobby and are not interested in pursuing it deeply they may not be happy about the idea of moving. Realize that in order to truly be worth the effort to move your child should be highly interested in pursuing a career in gymnastics. Simply moving for a mild hobby would be foolish, but moving for a potential career is worth a consideration.

If you decide that you really are interested in moving to a better gymnastics coach you should always discuss the possibility of them working with your child before you move. Most parents are never happy to move for a better coach only to discover the coach is unable to take on their child. This brings up the huge need to talk to the new coach first. If for some reason the coach you want cannot take on your child, they may be able to recommend someone who can.

While some parents will determine it is not worth the time, effort, or expense to move others will decide that moving will be the best decision for them, as well as their child. Looking into your own personal situation is always going to play a paramount role in helping you make the ultimate decision for your needs. Remember, no matter what your child wants, you must make the decision based upon what you personally think is best.