Recording Your Next Feature Film with Professional Results

This might come as a surprise to you, but there is a single piece of equipment that will provide the best results imaginable when you are working on your next feature film. With a cost of well under $50 for basic models, and around $100 for professional models the piece of equipment that you need is quite affordable and will fit into any budget. Another huge benefit is the fact that it is quite small, can expand to a wide range of sizes and is versatile enough to hold almost anything you need. Curiosity is of course eating away at you right this moment, you are probably thinking about the ultimate in high tech devices but this moment but the answer will surprise you. A tripod is actually the best piece of equipment that you need.

Seems rather surprising does it? The simple tripod which merely holds your camera is more important than just about anything else that you purchase for your filmmaking adventures. While this might seem really strange to you it is a fact that a poorly shot video will be not only distracting but show the lack of quality. People simply cannot focus when the camera is always out of focus for some reason or another. This leaves you with problems trying to produce a good quality film that people will actually be interested in watching.

A tripod might seem like a luxury since it will hold your camera but in reality, it is a requirement. Stop and think about all of the home videos that you have ever watched. The majority usually have a bad case of camera shake going on. This creates minor annoyance at times, and huge distractions at other times. Working to eliminate this problem from your feature films is critical in order to gain respect and get the proper attention that you deserve. If all of your films have a serious case of camera shake going on, it will be extremely hard for people to take you and your work serious.

Just imagine how upset you would be to go to a movie theater and buy a ticket to a movie that is loaded with camera shake. It would be quite upsetting and your audience is certainly no different. While some filmmakers are able to develop an arm of steel that does not shake or move while recording most find that standing perfectly still with no movement is almost impossible. A small tripod reduces the camera shake down to almost zero and makes it much easier to instead focus on zooms, pans and tilts that will enhance and improve your film, rather than detracting from them.

If you are just starting out in your film making quests you can generally start with a small personal styled tripod for around $20 or so. This will allow you to get started and focus money on different areas. However, it is essential to ensure that the tripod you select is adjustable, both for the types of cameras that it will hold, but also the height levels. You should also ensure that it is sturdy and stable as well. If the cheaper model is not stable under the weight of your particular camera, it will need to be replaced quickly with a better model. You should also feel free to take the time to analyze the stand that you purchase and learn how to adjust it quickly as well. This will allow the filming process to be reduced substantially, as well as allow you to play with various shots as the creative juices are flowing during filming.

As you can now see, while a tripod might not seem like the most important piece of equipment it really is. Cutting costs and buying a cheap tripod might seem like the best use of your money, but always ensure that you get a good quality tripod that can hold up the stress that you will be putting on it. Remember, buying a single tripod that is good and lasts will be much cheaper than continuously replacing cheaper models. Plus, you will notice a difference in the camera shake between quality levels as well.