Recognizing and Accepting Family Practice

It has been a long time coming but family practice physicians are finally making the way to the front of the line. It has been a long struggle attempting to gain status quo. That was never really what they wanted, what they wanted was to make a difference and for it to be known that they care.

Family practice doctors are unique in a manner that they can take care of boys and girls, men and women. They are very convenient and offer quality care without having to visit many different doctors. It can not be argued that family practice doctors specialize in the long term and quality care of their patients. They can recognize and treat your physical problems as well as your emotional problems and maybe better than someone else who does not have the special bond with you as your family practice doctor does.

Advertisements have been everywhere, on billboards, in magazine, and in articles that chant about being smart and making sure that you see a specialist in regards to your physician. These are the types of statements that cause people to question the quality and performance of family practice physicians. The entire medical circle needs to recognize that family practice doctors went into this type of practice well aware of what they wee getting themselves into. They knew that they would never get rich, never be admired, or ever get the respect that they so deserve. They have the education and are by no means second rate doctors. Family practice doctors are some of the finest that medical school has ever put out but it was their passion and caring that brought them to where they are.

Family practice doctors get to know the real you and everything about you. Imagine calling the doctors office to ask a question, odds are that the nurse will tell you that the doctor will call you back after hours. But when he does call he actually remembers who he is talking to, he can put a face with the name and maybe even ask you some questions that a specialist would never ask. Why? Because to them, you are another patient, another file. Do not think about going to see them without your deductible or your checkbook. Family practice doctors are more likely to tell you not to let money or
the lack of it stop you from coming in if you need him. There is a difference and it is so very huge.

Family practice physicians need to be accepted as well as recognized as a specialist for that is truly special when you can deliver a baby, take out someone’s tonsils, medicate a patient for depression, update a woman’s diabetic medication, remove a wart, and stitch up a kid who fell off of his bike all in one day. This is the true meaning of specialty and the very reason that we count on our doctors. Family practice doctors fell off of the band wagon some time ago as the modern and savvy specialists came to the forefront but since, something very important has happened and that is that they have now resurfaced back into the front of the line again.