Reasons to Use Grants gov to Find Government Grants

Are you an individual looking for free money to assist you with a special project? Are you a non-profit organization member who would like to obtain funds for your organization’s goals? Are you a small town mayor who wants government money to improve your town? If you are one of these or other similar individuals, you may be looking for government grants. Some individuals, state and local governments, school districts, small businesses, and non-profit organization qualify for free money from the government. In fact, billions of dollars are handed out each year. How do you find information on these government grants? Visit

As nice as it is to hear that you should visit the website, you are likely to have many questions. What is it that sets this government grant website apart from the other hundred you can easily find online?

1 – It Is Free

The website is not a scam. It is not an infomercial product. It is not a paid membership website. It is 100% free to use. You can browse the website, but must register for a free account to apply for grants. This is very quick and easy. Follow the step-by-step directions and you may be on your way to receiving a government grant in no time at all.

2 – The Website is Easy to Navigate

As previously stated, hundreds of websites provide you with information on government grants. Some websites enable you to search grant databases, give you tips on how to choose the right grants, how to fill out applications, how to write a grant proposal and so forth. Unfortunately, many of these websites, even those you must pay to access, are difficult to navigate. With, this is not a problem. On the left-hand side of the page, there is a detailed and expandable menu bar. Whether you want to search for government grants, learn about the process, signup for email alerts, create an account, or apply for grants, you can do it on this website and with ease.

3 – Detailed Information is Provided

What is nice about is the detailed information given. Not only is the entire process of finding, searching for, and applying for a grants outlined in detailed for beginners, but the information is easy to find. As previously stated, you must register for an account to apply for grants. However, you can search for grants, read detailed requirements, and get other important information without registering. This is rare. Many other databases only provide you with generalized information. This may include the type of grant, the grantor, and the funds available. To find out more, you often need to register for a free account or pay a membership fee. Not with, only register if you find what you need.

4 – Representatives Available to Help

Another unique feature of is the customer service representatives available to help. This is another sign that this website is 100% legitimate. In fact, it is operated by government officials, thus the .gov address. By following the “Contact Us,” link at the top of the page, you will get a telephone number, email address, and mailing address. If you have a question or need additional help, ask.

5 – You Have Nothing to Lose

In short, is a well-known and trusted website designed to help you find legitimate government grants. The United States government maintains this website. Do not waste money paying for a website membership or a late night infomercial product. Whether you are a local government official, the superintendent of a school district, a college administrator or professor, the operator of a non-profit organization, or a small business owner, there are government grants available that you may qualify for. Winning funding is not guaranteed, but since it is free to search for and apply for these government grants, you have nothing to lose. Try it and secure the funding you need today.