Reasons to Avoid Gymnastics Camps

One of the biggest thrills of the summer for children is attending camp of some sort. The job of parents is to decide which camps are really necessary and useful, and which are just a waste of money. Gymnastics camps are certainly no different with both good and band camps existing. Yet there are several distinct reasons, which should encourage parents to not send their children to camp. Deciding if they are appropriate for your child is entirely up to the parent but being armed with the information to make an informed choice is always advisable.

First, it is important to consider that camps are very expensive. Can you send your child to a local gym even for additional fee and still come out cheaper? If you can come out cheaper this way then it may be the ideal situation because of the increased attention from the coach as well. While camps do offer some benefits there are many families that simply cannot afford the fees that are charged no matter how badly they want their child to attend.

Another consideration is the fact that many camps are camps that require your child to stay there, rather than come home at night. Many parents are simply not comfortable with this type of arrangement and are quite unsure about how to really let their child know that this is not a suitable solution for their gymnastics desires. If you are unsure about allowing your child to go even if it is for gymnastics then it is best to say no.

One concern that many parents have especially in recent years is the expansion of many gymnastics camps to include other activities. While some blend nicely in with gymnastics such as cheerleading and dance others have nothing to do with gymnastics and can be quite distractive to the gymnast at camp. If you are forking over money for your child to attend the camp you should be assured that there will be few distractions so your child can concentrate fully.

Another consideration that you should look into is supporting a local gym or program in your home area rather than one that is very far away. While there are times when it is necessary in order to provide your child with the best training it is only a consideration if your child is a top-level gymnast. If they are, simply looking for some fun then most of the time an appropriately selected local program will work just as well and allow you to still support a local business first.

Your next reason to really reject the idea of a camp is they tend to be highly expensive. So much so that many parents complain, the camps are more expensive than the fees associated with working with top-level Elite coaches! This is a huge problem because the quality of the coaches at most camps is simply not up to par to demand such extraordinary prices. However, many parents are unaware of what a reasonable price is and they blindly pay the first price that is quoted to them.

If you are looking into a summer camp for your child these tips will help, you decide if it is really an appropriate option for you. Selecting a good summer camp is not always an easy process and being able to step back and look at the entire picture is one of the best ways to ensure that you make the correct decision for your family, your child, and even your child’s athletic career. Remember, many camps are not as well trained and can actually do more harm to your child’s gymnastic development.

Carefully consider any possible gymnastics thoroughly before allowing your child to attend. If you have any questions or doubts about their program or their teaching principals then feel free to always discuss it before you sign up your child so that you are sure you are satisfied with the results.