Is Software Necessary in Feature Film Creation

People who are unaware of the entire process of creating a feature film might think that there is no need at all for a computer or even software. After all great filmmakers in the past simply used a camera and manually edited the movies to create the great masterpieces of yesterday. Today’s filmmakers though have a wide expanse of equipment available to them, as well as hundreds if not thousands of incredible special effects. Because of this, it is quite necessary for filmmakers to use technology now that was previously unused in the field.

One of the best examples of this is the usage of the computer and in turn software that is used to alter images and create incredible special effects. While many special effects are the creation of actual equipment and skill there are many others that are actually created in the editing process using a computer, software and the video footage that was shot. This can allow you to take a very simple video and add in virtually unlimited options to your videos. Because of this the usage of computers and by extension software in the making of feature films is heavily explored and used by virtually all filmmakers now.

Using the technology involved in video editing you can create seamless transitions, instant splices and even create interesting overlays in your films, which can add a lot of visual appeal. This is all technology that is directly related to the advances in the film industry that many filmmakers currently enjoy. While many of the advances in technology are not cheap there are others that can be purchased quite inexpensively which makes it very easy for even beginner film makers to start purchasing the software and equipment needed to create very professional films.

At a minimum, most filmmakers find that they need to have software to help them with editing needs. The majority also using software for special effects and even interesting effects in their films, but having the ability to edit footage at a minimum is something that is considered a necessity rather than just a luxury. While in the old days of feature films the footage was edited manually, it was also a reality that films were recorded on actual reels of film. Most footage for amateurs and many professionals as well is now recorded in a digital format. This requires the need to have software that can handle the specific requirements of the digital format and enable you to get the most usage possible from all footage that you have.

Further needs that many filmmakers have is the need to adjust sound levels of the filmed footage that they have. While typically using various sound equipment during recording can provide great results, there are times when directors may wish to reduce volume or even raise the volume of specific scenes. Having this ability is a huge asset that is entirely possible through the usage of software. It is also possible to add various sound effects into the films and even cut out various sound pieces as well which can allow for a completely customized process.

With all of the technology and equipment that is available to film makers today the reality that you need software is quite clear. The type of software that you need to create the feature films varies substantially based upon your exact requirements. In general, you can expect the software that you select to be a huge purchase that will be quite expensive. However, the return you receive in regards to your time, quality of your feature films and even the editing and altering options available to you is extremely extensive and makes the need to use software a very minor issue for most filmmakers. Regardless of your impression of technology, most can agree that without the use of software, feature films are much harder to make and are much lower in quality. A great piece of software can change average footage into a spectacular masterpiece that becomes a treasured asset.