Interesting Facts about Black-Footed Ferrets

Black-footed ferrets have been the cause of much hype in North America, and with good reason. There are clearly many interesting facts about black-footed ferrets aside from their colorful and distinct foot color among the ferret species. Here are some enlightening facets of the black-footed ferrets.

Fact 1: The one thing that is most special about the black-footed ferret is they are becoming extinct and they are quickly losing their numbers especially in the North American continent. These black-footed ferrets are extremely sensitive and prone to attack, so they are usually being captured and helped by concerned researchers worldwide.

Fact 2: They have mink and polecats for relatives. Its closest relatives would be the Russian polecat, also known as the Steppe polecat. Though they look like rodents, they are not related to them. In fact, they eat them, because they are natural carnivores.

Fact 3: There are numerous conservation efforts worldwide to help elevate the number of existing black-footed ferrets. Aside from being extremely attractive, losing these ferrets to some prairie deprivation will definitely disrupt the ecological balance of the areas in North America. As such, they are really treasured all the more and the human interventions are aimed to helping resurrect their dwindling numbers.

Fact 4: They are not allowed for domestication or breeding. And in addition to that, you cannot duplicate them. These animals naturally run wild, few as their numbers are now. Only conservation efforts would be a viable excuse to have these ferrets in your home. You will have to secure a permit or may be forced to have them sheltered in a conservation area made just for them.

Fact 5: Their physical colors blend well with their natural environment. Their yellow belly, tiny feet and black stripes when blended with their natural habitat serves as an effective camouflage. They usually stick closely to the ground so that they will be free from predators who roam as freely as they do.

Fact 6: Their male species are 2 pounds heavier than the females.

Fact 7: They are known for scent glands that produce musk. Though they look really cute, they sometimes stink especially when in the face of danger. Their nearest cousins to this would be the skunks. Their scent glands also help them identify people and fellow ferrets so they can easily detect strangers or intruders when they visit their area.

Fact 8: Their discovery was accidental.

Fact 9: They are strictly adhering to their natural habitat or environment. The black-footed ferrets are extinct because their habitat or environment is getting more and more fragmented and destroyed over time. Without the specific conditions of their natural environment, they will perish or die easily. This is also why people in North America are doing their very best to recreate and restore their natural habitat so that they will be able to preserve whatever is left of one of their continent’s most attractive heritage.

Fact 10: They are like French women who have small but frequent meals. Black-footed ferrets like having numerous small meals in a day. This keeps them in a hyper mood and always on the lookout for things to chew. That is also why the most common dangers of the ferrets involved having eaten or swallowed something they shouldn’t have swallowed in the first place.

Fact 11: They get excited and bored easily.