Ferrets for Sale

Ferrets are cute little creatures and chances are, you have seen one or two of them in television or in a movie. Years ago, they were used to hunt down and dig rabbits hiding underground but now many seem them as ideal pets.

You can buy a ferret from a breeder, a shelter or from a humane society. They usually cost around $75 to $125 depending on their age. You must never get one from the wild because they will not be able to adapt with the environment in your home.

If you can’t find a breeder in the newspaper, you can try your luck online. While some sellers will tell you to pick them from their home, others are willing to ship it to you as long as you pay for the costs to transport. You just have to find the right seller that makes buying it convenient for you. But remember the ideal is to go directly to the seller and see them in person, as you can then check how the breeder is keeping the ferrets. Making sure they are healthy and a clean environment etc.

It is best to also get in touch with the local wildlife, game department and local veterinarian to find out if it is legal to buy one since some states like California do not allow homeowners to have this as a pet.

When buying a ferret, don’t just pick one from the lot but examine it carefully. You should check if the creature has bright eyes, a soft coat, healthy skin, whiskers and are playful. Don’t forget to ask about the age and gender because males are generally much longer and heavier than the female ferret.

Buying a ferret is one thing. The challenging part is making sure it is healthy. This can only happen of course with tender and loving care from the owner because even though they sleep for more than 15 hours a day, they are very active when they are awake. Another challenge is finding a veterinarian who is willing to see your ferret.

You will also need to get the right cage and food for your ferret as these items can be purchased from the pet store. The ideal home of the ferret should 18” x 18” x 30”. This is sufficient enough for them to move around inside and play with the toys. The cage should also be made of steel with small bars that it cannot squeeze through. There must be a solid floor or plastic liner on the bottom and a litter pan to catch waste that comes out.

Their diet must strictly be chicken, poultry or a combination of the two. It must have high levels protein and low levels of fat. This should not be rich carbs or sugar and if the store where you purchase this does not have this in stock, you must go elsewhere and not substitute this with food that is intended for other animals.

Some people have second thoughts of buying ferret because it smells. Although this is true, sellers usually descent the animal and neutered before this is purchased. Once it is with you, giving it a bath helps once in awhile helps.

Aside from the cage, you must also have a litter box so it can answer nature’s call when it is outside. This should first be placed near the cage and once he or she is used to it, this can be relocated elsewhere.

Pets are great to have. If you want something small and yet playful, look around because you might just find a ferret for sale that is to your liking.