Current Astronomy News for the Sky and Telescope

When it comes to finding current astronomy news, you have a lot of resources as you start perusing the sky with your telescope. There are advancements and discoveries made daily, so you will want to keep up with all the current astronomy news to get the most satisfaction from using your telescope to look into the sky.

One terrific way to keep apprised of all the current astronomy news is to look on the Internet. There are many websites devoted to updating all of the current advancements and discoveries made regarding observing the sky through the lens of a telescope. These websites are updated frequently, so you can take advantage of the information super-highway to stay current. Here are a few websites you can check out for all the current astronomy news:

* – this site not only contains current astronomy news, it also has articles, blogs, and suggestions as to where in the sky you can point your telescope to see new and exciting things.
* – this is another great website where you can find all sorts of new discoveries in the sky along with tips and tricks on how to maximize your telescope and articles on all the current news on the astronomy front.
* – this site has an amazing picture gallery that shows all sorts of images taken through the eye of a telescope plus all sorts of information about space launches and what’s up in the sky at any given time.

Of course, these are only a few of the many, many websites that are dedicated to current astronomy news and helping the amateur astronomer know what to look for in the sky with their telescope. A quick Google search will direct you to other helpful websites.

You can also subscribe to astronomy magazines if you are interested in current astronomy news. There are many available, and most are actually quite inexpensive for subscriptions. Here are just a few to look at:

* Sky and Telescope – this magazine sponsors the Sky Tonight website listed above. They offer a free trial offer and United States subscription rates for a year run $42.95.
* Astronomy Magazine – made for both the seasoned astronomer as well as beginners, this is a great magazine for staying current on astronomy news. They have detailed sky charts so that you can point your telescope in the right direction for amazing sights. One year subscriptions are $42.95 as well for this monthly magazine.

There are all sorts of ways to stay current with astronomy news so you can use your telescope to observe the night sky.