control Myself

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Impatience drives me crazy when I see small business owners being impatient. Working as a business consultant as I do, I see this all the time. If my business owner client is to get the best value from our work they will need to get some balance into their ways, otherwise impatience will hold them back from being the successful business owner they want to be. Who wants to be held back? NOT you.

Patience is a virtue – isn’t that what we’ve always heard. Don’t be too patient though, don’t use it as an excuse to be lazy.

The right balance of patience will help you move forward to improved results. Take a look at these 5 Top Reasons why:

1.You need to complete what you start. Impatient people often don’t complete what they start and therefore don’t make too much progress. In business you need to finish each of your goals. Completed goals bring you a great sense of success and achievement. Successful people complete tasks.

2.You need to stop and listen. Impatient people don’t often take enough notice of what their people are saying around them. In business you need to hear what these people are saying. Rather than just an OK result, pool ideas to achieve a more powerful outcome. Successful people listen.

3.You need to plan. Impatient people often just jump in and get started right away. Part way through the job they find too many problems they hadn’t anticipated. It’s easier to complete a task when you plan what to do. You can enjoy yourself more when you make plans and achieve them. Successful people plan.

4.You need to consult. Impatient people don’t stop to ask others what they have found out about similar tasks. They often make decisions without learning some facts. Facts are very helpful when you are taking actions to develop your business. Don’t just go along with your limited ideas; be like successful people who consult. Successful people consult.

5.You need to share. Sharing ideas with the people around you helps you more than you think. It motivates people to make suggestions and provide you with support. No business owner can achieve success on their own. Sharing with a team of people helps you and it helps them. Successful people share.

When you have a new idea or task to do, remind yourself to “control yourself”. You need to become more patient to be more successful. Use these 5 Top Reasons as your guide. Business and personal growth is the linchpin for great business owners. Take advantage of FREE online business coaching and maximise your Operational Risk Management Training opportunity. Success is what you and I both want for everyone.

Impatient business owners should say this over and over “control myself”