Cast Iron Furniture

Cast iron furniture adds a new element of beauty to anyone’s patio and garden. There is nothing like the exclusive state of the art process in manufacturing furniture that is cast iron. A beautiful patio adds grace and beauty to anyone’s home. Many families live on the patio during the long hot summer months. The Garden Furniture importance is much like that of the household furnishings. The Garden Furniture must be comfortable, easy to clean, fit the family needs, and affordable.

Perhaps you have never thought of cast iron furniture for your patio, but this is truly a remarkable way to beautify your patio. The cast iron furniture is inexpensive, long lasting and yes comfortable. Let me introduce you to the Thermosint(c) Process, which is used by Contract Furniture Company to make cast iron furniture. The cast iron is welded and sanded first, and then the bare metal frame undergoes a PH balance wash and primer coating process. This is important step towards crafting the cast iron into beautiful designs for the furniture. Next the premièred frame is heated 660 degrees Fahrenheit in a Thermal Tunnel before it is dipped into an air injected powdered paint mixture. The air-circulated powder, consisting of paint pigments, aluminum flakes and resin particles, evenly bonds the frame, building up to eight mils of paint.

With the outer shell still uncured, the coated frame again enters the thermal tunnel for its final heating process at 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The paint is completely dried and hardened creating the company’s one of a kind finish that is approximately eight times thicker than standard powder coat, and approximately fifteen times thicker than a wet coat. Contract Furniture Company’s exclusive state of the art process resists scratching, peeling, fading and chipping. Furthermore, the frame remains fifty percent cooler to the touch long after exposure to sunlight. The company offers a five-year anti-rust guarantee, which farther reassures you that cast iron furniture meets the best standards in furniture artisanship. These important parts are the trademark of the Contract Furniture Company and no other cast iron company uses this specific procedures.

Let us review the four elements in the Contract Furniture Company metal finish:
1. Iron profile or solid iron as a permanent, stable structural material
2. Iron phosphate undercoat to increase bonding and rust protection
3. Primer coat for improved, even bonding of sintered coat
4. Thermosint(c) up to eight times stronger than standard powder coating varnish.

Let us explain why Contract Furniture Company Thermosint(c) is the best.
1. Five year anti-rust guarantee
2. Remains fifty percent cooler to the touch after long exposure to the sun
3. Eight times thicker than a standard coat
4. Fifteen times thicker than a standard wet coat
5. Extremely smooth finish, weld points are obsolete
6. Resists scratching, peeling, fading and chipping

Now that you know how the craftsmen of Contract Furniture Company make the Cast Iron Outdoor Furniture, you should visit the showroom and see the beautiful pieces created.